Thursday, February 9, 2012

Until We Meet Again

With this post, Thriving On Thrift (TOT) marks its third anniversary.  Three YEARS!  It’s absolutely mindboggling how fast the time has flown.

During these last years, it’s been fun sharing our choices and routines.  Recently, though, it’s become apparent our most prominent “savers” have been covered.  While there are surely other topics for this blog, I don’t (yet) have the personal experience to cover those subjects effectively.  In fact, brainstorming fresh ideas has become difficult and not just on a creative level.  While the day-to-day practices we’ve developed over time are easy habits and actually relieve stress, my recent (intense) concentration on matters of saving has produced stress.  Rather than a sense of thriving, this increased focus has created feelings of lack.

I thought of ending the blog, but would be saddened to leave a project about which I still feel very passionate.  TOT has become such a familiar presence, yet sustaining its bi-weekly posting schedule is definitely feeling forced.  It’s when the blog feels most strained that my other writing projects (mainly fiction) chime in for attention.  (But, they’ve long been jealous of the hours I spend with the “other project.”)  Still, in those moments of doubt, I’ve been tempted to lay aside the exertions and create space in my  writing life for new challenges.  Then, just when I feel my mind’s tumblers sliding into place, I’m infused with the deep satisfaction felt while writing TOT, the enjoyment of friendships it’s prompted, and the warm glow of kind comments and emails I’ve received from readers.

The mental to-ing and fro-ing has been exhaustive…and exhausting.  Yet, the fact remains that subject matter is becoming leaner and the pleasure this blog once provided me is slowly eroding to panic as I scramble to plan future posts.  Then, the truth of the matter slapped me:  this extra time and energy, this fretting over lack, are all antitheses to this blog’s tenets.  I don’t mean that continuing would be a waste of time and energy, but persistent worry and struggle would be.  No, there’s no thrift in that course.

So, after much thought, I’ve decided to cut back the posting schedule to bi-monthly, from this point on.  This change will enable me to continue with a much-loved project but the reduced frequency will allow more time to develop and research new ideas.  As always, I remain open to topical proposals and look forward to exploring your suggestions.  Please leave a comment or send an email if you wish to see a subject covered. 

Until we meet again – on the second Thursday in April – I wish you and yours thriving days.